How to efficiently design and execute episodic, small group coaching pods

06 May 2020

Presented by Grant Heinrich

We all know how to build one or two day workshops. But creating episodic sessions for many, many small groups? That’s a hell of a lot of scheduling, re-scheduling, debriefing, pre-work, course planning, post-work, workbooks, reporting and more.

On Weds 13 May at 8AM Sydney time, our CEO and coach Alistair Gordon ran a 45 minute breakdown of how to efficiently design, build and run small group coaching pods:

  • How to rework long workshops into episodic pods

  • How to drive learning in the breaks between pods

  • How to track and improve learning outcomes with small groups

  • What you can and can’t automate with scheduling and project management

  • And how to build reporting, participant satisfaction measures and more.

It’s all in the video. We’ve also made available an 8000 word white paper packed with advice and how-tos available. Download it using the form below, or read the whole thing online.

Download 13 Rules to build and run your own small group coaching program